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Persons of Interest / Past Members
  • Gene Ross
  • Chad Casper
  • Nick Ano
  • Allison Cherrette
  • Jim Debrock
  • Joe Cornellia
  • Mike Forester

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  • Operation: Ask a Seagull
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  • Objective: Personal Growth / Domination

Can I eat 60,000 calories and
still function properly?

The proof is in the puddin’

Ask Away

Has yoga ever killed

According to CoCo Bison... yes

How many lives do
seagulls have?


Sinking three pointers &
free throws since day one.


'12 Yearly Recap

  • December 2012
  • 1,578 Total likes
  • 265 Project Buckets
  • 13 shots dropped

'13 Yearly Recap

  • December 2013
  • 8,482 Total likes
  • 1,428 Project Buckets
  • 63 shots dropped

'14 Yearly Recap

  • December 2014
  • 15,851 Total likes
  • 2,649 Project Buckets
  • 72 shots dropped

'15 Yearly Recap

  • December 2015
  • 17,357 Total likes
  • 2,986 Project Buckets
  • 67 shots dropped

'16 Yearly Recap

  • December 2016
  • 5,708 Total likes
  • 800 Project Buckets
  • 25 shots dropped

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      Seagull Flying

      Where we’ve been.
      Where we are going.

      Blueprint archives:
      Origin: Marquette, MI 2006

      Elegant Seagulls Snowboard Video

      Specimen: Ben Johnson
      Start date: 2005
      Expiration: 2006

      Ben launches the Elegant Seagulls snowboard video and brand as his senior thesis project. After a winter in Tahoe he moves back to Marquette, MI looking for next adventure.


      Elegant Seagulls

      Specimen: Ben Johnson
      Start date: 2006
      Expiration: 2007

      After returning home Ben decides to start his own business and Elegant Seagulls Design is born. The business becomes an “official” entity on August 15, 2006 with world headquarters in Ben’s bedroom.


      First Employees

      Specimen: Gene Ross + Chad Casper
      Start date: 2007
      Expiration: 2014/15

      The original 3 Seagulls take shape with Gene “Glen” Ross and Chad Casper joining the team. This was a huge leap for the company as they began taking on more large clients and pushing their creative/dev.


      VIO Client

      Specimen: VIO
      Start date: 2008
      Expiration: Ongoing

      V.I.O emerges as Elegant Seagulls first large scale client. The relationship grows from small side projects to the team eventually tackling all things web and creative.


      First Office Space

      Specimen: VIO Office
      Start date: 2009
      Expiration: 2011

      With the growing team and relationship with VIO the team moves from separate home offices into a section of VIO’s headquarters. Here a young baby bird Nick “left eye” Ano was hatched as the first intern.


      First Awwwards

      Specimen: Elegant Seagulls
      Start date: 2010
      Expiration: 2012

      Elegant Seagulls officially becomes Elegant Seagulls, Inc and with the launch of their new website win first Awwwards site of the day.


      The Nest

      Specimen: World Headquarters
      Start date: 2011
      Expiration: —-

      With a growing team Elegant Seagulls purchases a building in downtown Marquette. The space quickly filled with new team members, projects, and Alanis Morissette.


      Team Dribbble Launch

      Specimen: Dribbble
      Start date: 2012
      Expiration: Ongoing

      The Seagulls team dribble account emerges with one cohesive voice. Dribbble has been and continues to be a big part of our exposure and growth. Luckily no real basketball skills are needed.


      Process Overhaul

      Specimen: Team
      Start date: 2014
      Expiration: Ongoing

      As the team continued to evolve we brought in new players, a revised process, and new focus driving us to be even more team driven, creative, and efficient. Here is to another 10!


      client milestones

      Game changers

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      Seagull Flying Seagull Flying Seagull Flying

      Elegant Seagulls

      The original Elegant Seagulls film was premiered by Casualties in 2005.

      Trees Trees

      How the name originated

      When Ben and his friends were brainstorming names for their latest snowboard movie a flock of seagulls flew by. Someone said “those are some elegant seagulls” and the oxy moron stuck.

      Thank You

      Circle Steez Seagull Flying
      Seagull Flying

      From everyone here at Elegant Seagulls, we’d personally like to thank you for your continuous friendship, support, and business over the last decade. Here’s to another ten.

      I'm incredibly thankful to work with a team of developers who are eager to learn new software, technology, and push their limits on a daily basis.

      Thanks to my friends, family, and coworkers who have supported me. Grateful to learn and grow everyday.

      Thank you to every who's allowed us to be apart of their journey.

      Tom would like to personally thank all clients from the past and future and welcomes another 10 years of Seagull success.

      I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work for some amazing clients. All of my experiences thus far have been beneficial and a further education. Thank you for believing in this flock of ugly birds.

      Brian Reed said "Everything is designed. Few things are designed well." And I'll contribute to that by adding "Even fewer are clients that trust us enough to design their product well". Thank you for your support and trust as we let our creativity shine through your brands.

      I am honored by the opportunity to work with so many amazing clients who are on the leading edge of their industries and who share in our vision that great products and effective designs go hand-in-hand. Thanks, eh!

      This is a big thank you! You've given us the opportunity to learn about so many unique products and services. It's been great getting to know you and help you share it with the world.